Jorge Ramos “Jorem”, is a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Spain. He has several years of experience on this field, developing artwork for board games, TCG games,video games, book covers, magazines, album covers…. He also teaches and shares his knowledge in his country, contributing with what he can to the growth of this industry.




EMI Production Music

Galileo Games

– Greater than Games, LLC

– ESDIP (Art School)


Arteneo (Art School)

Evil Hat Productions

– White Wizard Games

Eagle & Gryphon Games

– Phantom 5 Studios



– KPM Trailers: Epic Choral Trailers (Album cover)
– Bulldogs! (RPG)
– Spirit Island (Board Game)
– New Bedford (Board Game)
– Boom! : A journal of California
– The Dresden Files: Paranet Papers (RPG)
– Clockwork Wars (Board Game)
– Eve of Ebon (Videogame).